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Introduction of division

Introduction of division

Business Sections

(Headquarters office / Osaka branch office)

Nature's gifts have arrived:
- Essential oils produced in the traditional method used in Grasse, the French City of Fragrances
- Jojoba and Cactus grown naturally in the arid regions of Arizona and New Mexico
- Vegetables and herbs grown organically - Natural fragrances, plant oils and extracts.
We deliver nature's gifts, produced from natural elements around the world, for your beauty and health needs. Our sales staff responds to our customers' needs and desires and works with our technical specialists to develop those products most desired by our clients. We strive to develop the products our customers, who we consider partners in part, require most.

Research Sections

(Technical division / Fragrances research)

Our technical staff works closely, striving for new themes to develop products effective in aiding your beauty and health by utilizing the raw materials drawn from nature. Using natural plant materials from regions like China, North America, Europe, South America, and India, we work hard to give you products with ingredients that whiten skin, promote scalp hair growth, prevent rapid aging, moisturize skin, and revitalize cells. We develop health promotion aids and fragrances to further enrich your lives.

Product Sections

(Saitama factory / Toyama factory)

Production begins after imported and domestic plant materials undergo rigid inspection. In our manufacturing section, our sanitary production process begins, using the most highly advanced equipment and proven methods. In our cooperative system, our products are sometimes manufactured with our clients present. Our products are only passed on after going through an itemized check and microbe examination.

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